Positioning Statement

“For Healthcare Providers who want solutions to manage vital signs monitoring complications to every patient every time in their environments, we offer a unique portfolio of product solutions and clinical support that allows medical practitioners to alleviate suffering in patients. This provides caregivers with peace of mind and a sense of pride and satisfaction. We focus first on understanding the needs of medical practitioners to their patients, then we search the market to find the most innovative products, and deliver them with a team of kindhearted clinical professionals”

Individual Objectives

• Mind change
• Realistic and relevant
• Skills development
• Innovative solutions
• Ethical and integrity – a BIG NO to CORRUPTION

Driving Indicators

• Efficiency of existing equipment is not giving real value to patients and health service providers
• Existing marketing solutions are not addressing early detection of abnormal vital signs to reduce the risk of patient complications throughout the entire hospital stay and after. Dyna-Vision technology uses built-in data communication modules for remote monitoring of patients, even when they are outside the hospital.