CEREC Primemill Excellence made easy.

Redefine your standards of outstanding accuracy and speed: Primescan enables all kinds of treatment, from single tooth to full arch. With Primescan intraoral scanning is now more accurate, faster and easier than ever before.

Charlotte/Bensheim. Modern intraoral scanners offer multiple functions for dental practices. With Primescan, a very accurate digital impression is taken quickly, easily and is hygienically safe. Exceeding minimum hygiene guidelines while keeping highest scan quality was a core element when developing Primescan. Thanks to versatile hygiene options, dentists can count on optimal infection control at all times, both with the intraoral scanner as well as with its Acquisition Center.

Primescan can be used for various indications such as restorative cases, for implant and orthodontic treatments, as well as for patient monitoring and communication. Because Primescan is very easy to use, the task of doing the scan can be delegated, which saves the dentist’s time.