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Imaging Systems

Imaging Systems
With Imaging Systems from Dentsply Sirona you trust in experience that has provided effective and safe solutions for more than 120 years. Our solutions provide unparalleled diagnostic image quality at the lowest reasonable dose, while being intuitive and easy to use. They support workflows in all dental disciplines, integrating imaging systems and software to enable truly better, safer and faster procedures.

Orthophos SL 3D

Orthophos SL is the latest member of the successful 3D imaging family. It wins points for functionality, quality and design.

The true all-in-one imaging unit

With the Orthophos SL, your practice is extremely well prepared for various treatment situations. On the 2D side, the groundbreaking DCS sensor and SL technology satisfy the requirements of practitioners with very high demands for panoramic imaging. In 3D, you can decide (now or later) between the 8 cm x 8 cm or 11 cm x 10 cm volume unit. Both units offer a variety of collimations.
In combination with the pioneering Sidexis 4 imaging software, the Orthophos SL gives you access to a variety of innovative treatment solutions. Orthophos SL 3D can be equipped at any time with a cephalometric arm.

Patients appreciate the soothing Ambient Light, which offers a choice of over 30 colors for a pleasant atmosphere in your X-ray room that fits perfectly into the look of your practice.

Orthophos E

This solid 2D X-ray unit provides a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging. And with its optional ceph arm, it also makes for a reliable partner in orthodontics.

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