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Infection Control Systems

A topic of increasing relevance
Infection prevention is becoming an increasingly important topic in dental practices all over the world. An effective hygiene concept is the hallmark of a well-managed practice and a central requirement of patients. In order to protect dentist, assistant and patient likewise, Dentsply Sirona has developed an infection prevention system that strictly complies with the most demanding requirements.
Automatic flushing
Dentsply Sirona treatment centers are equipped with the programs for the daily flushing of the water lines and for the flushing after every treatment. Only with the press of a button, the flushing process is fast, simple and especially safe. All waterlines are cleaned automatically and simultaneously.

Intensive decontamination (Sanitization)

Another benefit of the integrated disinfection system is its additional function for intensive decontamination. During the sanitation, all waterlines are flushed with pure Dentosept which combats internal deposits and prevents the formation of biofilm. If Dentosept remains in the waterlines for at least 24 hrs, it offers optimal protection against biofilm. Dentsply Sirona recommends to do so once a month and after longer times of no usage.

Infection prevention for treatment centers: Its so easy to be on the safe side

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