Our Brands

Brand Vision
“Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System” is the envisioned future solution in early detection of abnormal vital signs, therewith reducing the risk of patient complications throughout the entire hospital stay and after. Dyna-Vision technology uses built-in data communication modules for remote monitoring of patients, even when they are outside the hospital.
Brand Attributes
By solving problems within the medical field will bring fast and untapped solution to current hospital environments. Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring Software and Smartphone Apps offer nonstop surveillance and immediate clinical medical intervention when vital signs are deteriorating. This is a flexible and easy system to work with in the field thereby bringing value addition to our customers who always struggle to translate patient discomfort by a human eye and diagnosis. All analyzed data can be printed in highresolution PDF reports or stored for later use by the medical practitioner
Brand Essence
The shared soul of the Dyna-Vision brand, the spark of which is present in every experience a customer has with our products, is “Problem Solving”and “Kindhearted thus driving the type of people we hire and the type of behavior we expect
Brand Image
Gesa Medical Solutions means “Enhancing vital signs monitoring for every patient, every time and every day” Gesa Medical Solutions reflects on us as clinical enhancers who are helping to alleviate the complications of vital signs monitoring in all age groups (neonatal, pediatric, child and adult)
Brand Promise
The reason we do what we do, why we do it, and why customers should do business with us is “enhancing vital signs monitoring for every patient, every time and every day”